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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do window cleaners do inside and out?​

We are currently offering inside windows only                                                               

Do you clean high reach windows?​

We provide windows cleaning services for low reach windows, we clean at a maximum of 10 feet tall. 

What happens if a window cleaner damages a window?​

Our maids and windows cleaners are very delicate when it comes to windows cleaning. However, we understand that accidents happen. You can rest assured that we will do our due diligence to solve any inconvenient. Remember, we are bonded and insured. 

How often should I have my windows cleaned?​

The simplistic answer is whenever they are dirty, but the real answer would be at least twice a year. There are times that your windows may not appear dirty enough to have them cleaned, but inside there may be film buildup from cooking, fireplace smoke, or cigarette smoke, and outside you may not see it, but there can be dust, dirt, insects or pollen.

Why do my windows appear foggy?

This probably happens because you have double-paned windows whose seal is broken, the gas between the two panes starts leaking out, and the moisture causes this fog between windows.

Will you give me a quote before you come to clean?

We will give you a quote when you book with us. Most regular size windows cost $5 per window. However, there are regular windows and large windows. Some windows are double the size and therefore have a higher cost. 

Comprehensive chart to understand our pricing for inside windows cleaning