Top 7 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Top 7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips


1. Start small


  • Don’t try and tackle the biggest room in your house first. You don’t want to burn yourself out too quickly. Start with the bathrooms and work your way up. Bathrooms tend to get grimy in hard-to-reach places. Clear everything out of the bathroom first and then get started sweeping up hair, dusting floorboards, and shining up the base of the toilet.

2. Don’t forget appliances

  • Remember the old saying, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”? Well, it applies to spring cleaning too. Get inside your refrigerator. Fire up the self-cleaning function on your oven. Clean out your washer and dryer filters. Not only will this keep your house clean, but it will help to increase the life of your appliances too.


3. Use the right cleaning products

    • Spring cleaning can turn into a spring disaster real fast if you aren’t using the right cleaning products. Take your stainless-steel appliances for instance. Using a cleaning solution that isn’t designed for stainless steel can cause major damage. The same goes for using a high abrasion sponge. Make sure you check the label before application. You can buy your cleaning products from a local cleaning store like Cobb Carpet Supply or The Home Depot


4. Organize the junk drawer

    • Oh no! The dreaded junk drawer! The vortex of knick-knacks, keys, pens, magnets, and a whole bunch of stuff you convinced yourself you needed to keep but completely forgot existed. Clean it out. Organize it. If the stuff in your junk drawer is important to you, find a new home for it where you are more likely to see it and use it.


5. Throw things away

    • This seems obvious, right? But it can be hard for people to toss things in the trash. It’s so permanent. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used an item since the last time you cleaned, you probably won’t miss it.


6. Make the exterior sparkle

    • Give your house a bath! Hose down your siding, Windex your windows, clean out your gutters. Make sure that your neighbors know how much pride you take in your house and how beautiful it really is.


7. Look up

    • Not all dirt and filth happen at eye level or below. Remember to dust off ceiling fans, bookshelves, light fixtures, etc. Just because you can’t see it with the naked eye, doesn’t mean it’s not dirty.


Nobody looks forward to spring cleaning, but just remember, after it’s all done you will feel relaxed and stress-free in a house that smells, feels, and looks brand new. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish. Happy cleaning! Are you looking for help? a local cleaning service can help.


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