What does Maid Service Include

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What does Maid Service Include?

how do i know if I need a Deep Cleaning
or a regular cleaning?

Have you ever wondered what type of cleaning you need? Imagine you go to the dentist and your specialist tells you whether you need a deep cleaning or just a regular one, cleaning a house is not that different. 

Regular cleaning from a cleaning service usually happens on a weekly basis. The goal is to keep up with basic cleaning tasks. On the other hand, Deep cleaning goes further to get rid of dirt, grime, soap scum, and other gunk around your home. It’s a more thorough service than the standard cleaning.

If you have not cleaned your property for more than  a month, the it is very likely that you need a deep cleaning.

Regular Cleaning Services
40+ Points Cleaning Service Checklist

Deep Cleaning Services
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Move Out Cleaning Services
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Laundry Guidelines

The primary purpose of X-Act Care Cleaning Services is to make your house a tidy and happy place. We will take care of your property with attention to detail. We know that sometimes you need the extra help, that’s why we offer the add-on “ONE load of laundry” service per visit as an extra charge. However, our cleaning maids have a specific amount of time allotted per visit.

Therefore, laundry is not the primary focus and is provided at the pace and level that time and cleaning allow. When you require ONE load of  laundry, we want you to be as specific as possible. An initial 5 minute “Laundry Consultation” is required so you can show us the location of your clothes and specific details on where to place them after the service.

X-Act Care Cleaning Services define One load of laundry as the maximum capacity of load that a washer and/or dryer can process without forcing the machine. For instance, if you provide a full basket of white clothes and color clothes, we can only do either the white load or the color load unless you specify to wash both at the same time. Note that the customer is responsible of separating “regular clothes” from “dry clean only”.

what to expect in a load of Laundry

  1. Select the items that fit in your washer and dryer and sort them the way you have specified in your notes. We can sort them by:
    • Color
    • Fabric type
    • Amount of dirt on items
  2. Wash and dry clothes using your washer and dryer.
  3. We wash any load of laundry on the “quick cycle” if there is one (front loaders).
  4. We wash on cold / warm cycles.
  5. We will use your laundry detergent, laundry booster pods, and dryer sheets provided by you.
  6. We will fold clothes and place them on beds.
  7. We may leave large bulky items drying when we leave if our time is up.
  1. We do not accept responsibility for damage (make sure you only have us wash items that are washable and are not “dry clean only”, or will shrink or fade).
  2. We are not responsible for malfunctioning of your washer and/or dryer.
  3. We will only launder what is found in the dirty clothes (your laundry baskets clearly marked as “dirty”).
  4. We will not collect clothing from floors to be laundered (to avoid mistakes for “dry clean only” items).
  5. We will NOT collect towels, underwear, t-shirts, socks, baby clothes, children’s clothes, etc; from floors to be washed.
  6. We will not use liquid bleach. Please provide laundry booster pods for whitening.
  7. We will not hang clothes in closets or place them in drawers.
  8. Our primary focus on our load of laundry option is mostly to allow bed linen changes if the client doesn’t provide a second set of bed linen.