Benefits of working in clean and tidy places

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Benefits of working in clean and tidy places

It is very important that your workspace is clean and tidy places: studies have confirmed that it is difficult to process information when the workspace is cluttered, let alone focus on priorities, tasks and projects. A cluttered office not only reduces productivity, but also has a negative impact on your emotional, professional and psychological well-being.

Desks are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so maintaining a strict cleaning schedule is essential to ensure workers stay positive and healthy. Here is some information on the main benefits of clean and tidy places. 

Increased Efficiency

A cluttered workplace has been shown to negatively impact employee productivity and create a distracting work environment, especially if your desk is so cluttered that you can’t find things when you need them.

A clean and tidy desk ensures you have access to documents exactly when you need them, saving you valuable time to focus on your work. An office drawer is one of the best options for tidying up your desk.


Since many workers eat in front of their computers and office workers spend a lot of time at their desks, the average office desk harbors more bacteria than a public toilet seat.

Wiping desks with a cloth and periodically disinfecting frequently used items, such as the keyboard and mouse, where bacteria can colonize, is essential to prevent the spread of germs and illness to you and other employees in the building.

Bacteria thrive especially well in office environments because people spend so much time there during the day. By keeping your workplace clean and tidy places, you can reduce sick leave and, therefore, the number of days lost from work. Therefore, it is important to implement good cleaning strategies.

Create a better first impression

When your office is visited by clients, it is important to make a good first impression in order to establish positive relationships. Cluttered desks can damage the appearance of the workplace and give customers the impression that you are disorganized. Enforcing a clean and tidy places desk policy is a good way to ensure that visitors to your facility always have a good first impression of your company and your employees.

The appearance of your office sends a message to your customers about who you are and what your company stands for. You want this impression to be a good one? if it’s not tidy, your potential customers may walk out the door. It is critical to send a positive message about your business and especially about you as a professional, worthy of being visited by your clients.

Improve office security

When employees clutter their desks with documents at the end of the day, they leave potentially sensitive information for all to see. Implementing a tidy desk and encouraging your employees to keep their desks tidy and put all papers away at the end of the day will improve your company’s security.

Clean and tidy places  can also save lives. In the event of a fire, for example, you don’t want obstacles such as boxes in the hallways preventing your employees from leaving the building. You also don’t want fire hazards such as old boxes and papers. Regular cleaning of your building can help you control anything that could be a problem in the event of an emergency.


better collaboration experience

As employees become more mobile, it’s not uncommon for them to share a workstation, computer and desk.

Your colleagues may need to find an important document or file on your desk. If you are well organized and have everything neatly tucked away, he/she will find it much easier. Even if you don’t share your desk, you may need to guide a colleague to a particular place at your desk.

If you have created a work culture where everything goes back where it belongs, lost items are less likely to cause wasted time and inefficiency. Simple things like labeling garbage cans, folders and trays are a critical step toward a system that works.

Less clutter, less stress

Clutter is your biggest enemy. Useless papers take up space, so the recommendation is to do without them. This is synonymous with getting rid of stress. You have to know what to do with all the notes, reports, client data and documents. Make sure you don’t already have a hard copy when you need it and make a copy of it. Develop clear guidelines for deciding what to keep and what to throw away.

Reduce employee sick days.

If frequent sick days are affecting your team’s productivity, an office clean and tidy places could be the solution. Germs can be everywhere, especially in busy workplaces, where things like leftover food or malfunctioning air conditioning can spread illness.

Once a few employees get sick, it can be difficult to recover, especially if they spread illness throughout the office. Take the initiative to clean your office regularly, put hand sanitizer on every desk, and keep germs away during flu season and beyond.


In a clean work environment, there are fewer accidents, illnesses and hazards. Since safety is a top priority for both staff and visitors, a regular cleaning program can be the perfect tool to prevent accidents and injuries.

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