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When cleaning the house, it’s tempting to tackle one room at a time. After all, it feels good to get one space squeaky clean and then move on to the next. However, this cleaning method leaves some sneaky dirt in wait for you.

The problem with tackling one room at a time is that you never know where the dirt will strike next. Sure, you may have cleaned your kitchen thoroughly, but that doesn’t stop dirt from settling in other rooms of the house until they are thoroughly cleaned as well. 

A home can appear tidy on the surface, with many rooms left untouched after a cursory cleaning session, but this can lead to dirt seeping into seemingly unconnected spaces. For example, dust bunnies love to settle under beds and return again when we least expect it because we didn’t clean there last!

If you are looking for a thorough guide on how to clean your home from top-to-bottom so that it stays clean more often than not – instead of being ‘that house’ down the street that never seems to be tidy – this article has everything you need to know before getting started.


Plan Your Attack

Before you dive headfirst into cleaning your home, it’s important to have a plan. You don’t need to spend hours writing a detailed plan of attack, but it’s worth having a rough idea of what you’d like to achieve each week. This will help you keep track of what you’ve done and what still needs attention.

With that in mind, you should target the following areas first: – Entryway and mudroom: This is the area that people see first when entering your home. Keeping it clean and tidy is essential! 

– Kitchen: This is the heart of the home, so it’s important to keep it clean. If you fail to clean the kitchen as often as other rooms in the house, it can become the breeding ground for all other dirt in the house. 

Diary of a Clean house 

– Bathroom: This is the room that people tend to neglect the most. While it may not be the most glamorous of places, it is worth keeping it clean. 

– Bedrooms: While bedrooms are personal space, it is worth investing some time in cleaning them on a regular basis. 

– Living room and dining room: Your living room and dining room can get pretty dirty. Keeping them clean will help them last longer and look nicer, which is definitely worth the effort!


Rooms You Should Always Clean First

As previously mentioned, cleaning the kitchen first is a must. Not only is the kitchen likely to be the dirtiest room in your home, but other rooms will be affected if you don’t clean the kitchen first.

If you have a cuddly pet, you should also make sure to vacuum regularly to prevent fur from falling all over the house, getting stuck in carpets, and being a fire hazard. This will also help keep allergens down. 

Beyond that, you should always make sure to tidy the bathroom and bedrooms first. No matter how neglected these rooms might seem, keeping them clean will make a big difference to your home. After that, it’s worth cleaning the living room and dining room to make sure they stay free of dust and grime.


Rooms You Should Clean Second

While you shouldn’t put off cleaning the bathroom, bedrooms, and dining room forever, you will also want to focus on other rooms. After cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and vacuuming the bedrooms, you should move on to the following rooms: 

– Hallways and stairways: Dust, dirt, and pet hair can settle in these areas easily, so be sure to clean them regularly. 

– Family room and living room: While the living room gets dirty quickly, the family room is more prone to dust. Either way, both rooms will benefit from a thorough cleaning every so often.

– Bedrooms: Once you have cleaned all the rooms described above, you should move on to cleaning the bedrooms again. Dust and dirt can settle even if you keep the windows closed, so be sure to clean your bedrooms regularly.


Rooms You Should Clean Last

Beyond the bedrooms, you should focus on other areas of the house last. However, you should still clean them regularly to prevent them from becoming a primary source of dirt. After you have cleaned all the rooms listed above, you should tackle the following: 

– Attic: If you have an attic, you should clean it regularly. While attics are great for storing things, they can get dirty. If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in attic, you should clean it thoroughly at least once a year. 

– Basement: Like attics, basements are great for storing things, but they can get dirty. If you have a walk-out basement, you should clean it thoroughly at least once a year.

– Garage: People tend to store lots of things in garages, which can make them dirty. If you have a garage, you should clean it thoroughly at least once a year.

Diary of a Clean house 

Deep Cleaning: The Last Step

Deep cleaning is necessary every few months or whenever a room gets particularly dirty. It’s worth cleaning all the rooms again, but going above and beyond what you usually do. This will get your house as clean as possible and ensure that it stays that way for long.

 After you have cleaned all the rooms above again, you should do the following as necessary: 

– Washing or changing the bed sheets weekly: Bed sheets are likely to get dirty quickly. If you can, changing them once a week is a good idea. 

– Cleaning the floors: If you have carpet, you should vacuum it thoroughly once a week. If you don’t have carpet, you should mop your floors once a week.



Cleaning your house is hard, but it’s necessary if you want to foster a healthy living environment. It’s easy to get distracted by all the work involved in cleaning every nook and cranny of your home.

Forgetting to clean one area can easily lead to another part of the house becoming neglected. With a little bit of planning and organization, you can clean your house thoroughly and efficiently.

With these cleaning tips, you can make sure your house stays clean and tidy.

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