Is The Online Booking Experience Better Than The Old-Fashion Methods?

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New Era: Online Booking Vs. Finding a Company On The Go!

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh

Picture this: you’re trying to book a cleaner for your house. It shouldn’t be difficult, but it’s longer than necessary. You search for the phone number, maybe it works, maybe there’s a pesky service-provider charge. You finally get through, but now you’re on hold! What a nightmare. Moreover, what an unnecessary nightmare.

This is why you should be looking for companies with online booking options.

There is no doubt that mobile phones and the Internet are becoming increasingly commonplace in our everyday lives. New apps emerge constantly with the sole purpose of making daily tasks easier – so why should something as simple and necessary as getting your house cleaned be any different?

At the same time as we see ourselves flicking through, and swiping on our phones more than we might care to admit, research shows we also use our mobiles less for the phone feature itself. People are smart; why call to arrange an appointment booking when the best services out there offer online booking systems – and for your benefit. Frankly, calling up to book is outdated system in a world where convenience is now key.

Online booking may be second nature to you, but if it isn’t yet, here’s why you should seriously consider its worth:

Book from anywhere, anytime – 24/7

  • Online booking means freedom. No need to make time specifically during the 9-5 business hours when you yourself may be working and too busy to wait on hold indefinitely. The Internet never sleeps, and so you can book whenever it suits you.
  • We know how stressful it feels to be working all day, and sometimes you may not have the time to call customer service during office hours. Even if you have time, sometimes you are just not lucky enough to find someone on the other side of the call. You save all this stress by booking your cleaning services online.

Make finding the one easier

  • The world is your oyster online. You can easily compare your different options at the mere click of a few buttons, versus having to call up different companies just to get info and quotes.

Take control of the experience

  • Websites and apps lay out all information clearly and graphically. While you search for the perfect service for you, consider the benefits of having a visual representation of the company offers as well as just spoken word. (Plus, a well designed website speaks volumes as to the company’s organization compared to an unkempt one.)
  • You can also have ALL the booking information in the palm of your hand. If you forget the date, the time, or the details about your booking, you can check your order online or through your email confirmation..
  • Sometimes you just want to gift a cleaning service to your loved ones, you can easily do this by scheduling on  a website.

Customer Service AE confirms that some of the most valuable aspects of online ticketing system are as follow:





So we reiterate: convenience really is key. Online booking saves you time, it affords you more easily available information, and puts you, the customer, in charge, as you should be.

Here at X-Act Care Cleaning Services, we put our customers first, and therefore offer a simple online booking system for you to schedule your house cleaning. With a few quick clicks, you can be confident that you house is in safe hands, and that you are choosing a prime house cleaning service who values you. Rather than having to go through the back and forth dialogue of a phone call or in person booking, rest assured that not only is our cleaning service of the highest quality, but out customer service and care too, and that’s why we offer an easy-to-use online booking system.

Pick a company who works for you, and with you, anywhere anytime. Pick X-Act Care for your home.



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