10 Shower Cleaning Hacks You Need to See Before You Tackle the Bathroom

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You may save time and effort and even enjoy cleaning using a clever bathroom hack. We’ve put together a list of 10 shower cleaning hacks tricks to help you tidy up your bathroom, ranging from the standard tricks of using bicarbonate soda and white vinegar to some more surprising ingredients you’d have never thought about cleaning the bathroom with!

The 10 best shower cleaning hacks 

1 Use Shaving Foam to Clean the Mirrors

We all hate when the bathroom mirrors become steamy while we are showering. But, did you know there is a trick to prevent that from happening? If you clean them with shaving foam, your mirrors won’t be all foggy when the bathroom becomes humid.

You only need to spray it on, wipe it off with kitchen paper, and your mirror will be sparkling and steam-free for approximately two to three weeks.

Shower Cleaning Hacks

Shower Cleaning Hacks

2. Use Bicarbonate Soda and Vinegar to Get Rid of Shower Curtain Mildew

Add a spoonful of bicarbonate soda to your laundry detergent and run a 30-degree wash cycle in your washing machine to remove stubborn mildew buildup on your shower curtain.

If your shower curtain is plastic, you can hang it outside to dry at this point. If it’s cloth, rinse it with 100ml of distilled white vinegar, then leave it to air-dry.

3. Prevent Contamination by Marking Used Sponges

Kitchen sponges serve as a haven for disgusting germs. We have the solution for you if you want to reuse your used dish sponges to thoroughly clean dirty sections of your house, such as floors or the bathroom, before throwing them out.

Cut a corner off your kitchen sponge the next time you decide it is too filthy to wipe dishes or surfaces. This way, it will always be “marked” as a utility sponge, and you won’t use it on a hygienic surface by accident.

Shower Cleaning Hacks

Shower Cleaning Hacks

4. Use Tea

It’s an incredible start if you know how to clean the glass shower doors, but adding some tea can do wonders for your cleaning efforts! Black tea should be dipped into a lint-free cloth, rubbed over the door, then dried and polished with a fresh cloth. 

Alternatively, you may add some cooking oil, let it rest for ten minutes, then wash it with water and soap before polishing it to a sheen. Both are excellent in removing dirt and lime scale buildup.

5. Use an Air Spray to Clean the Extractor Fan

The effectiveness of extractor fans in avoiding mold and mildew in bathrooms is greatly diminished if they become overly dusty. Use a can of air, typically used for cleaning keyboards, if the vacuum cleaner extensions on your machine can’t reach your extractor fan.

You may restore your extractor fan to full functionality by spraying it and cleaning it with a moist cloth.

Shower Cleaning Hacks

Shower Cleaning Hacks

6. Use Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaner Windows

You can create the ideal bathroom window, shower panel, and mirror cleaning by mixing a cup of white vinegar, half the quantity of rubbing alcohol, and two cups of water in a spray bottle.

For the best results when using vinegar to clean windows, use it only on cool days when no bright sun is shining on the windows, then rub it with a microfiber cloth to achieve a streak-free result.

No one wants to relax with the pungent smell of vinegar in the air, so we’d advise doing this before taking that relaxing spa bath. Open windows to hasten the process of smell’s evaporation as well.

7. Clean the Toilet with Bicarbonate of Soda and Vinegar

Toilets can soon become filthy, but if you’re continuously looking for alternatives to even the best toilet cleaners, give this a try if you’re like us: White vinegar and bicarbonate of soda mixed in equal portions should be poured into and surrounding the toilet. 

Use a toilet broom to spread the mixture into the area under the rim. Give it a thorough scrub before leaving for at least 15 minutes, then drain. Repeat often to keep the bathroom shining.

Additionally, smells can be reduced by rapidly keeping a pack of wipes available to clean the restroom after each messy usage. we recommend you to read 12 best toilet cleaning hacks

8. Use Indigestion Tablets to Unclog the Shower Drain 

Shower Cleaning Hacks: Slow draining in the sink? It’s certainly been clogged with hair with time, and often using a drain snake to clear it out is the best option.

However, you could do worse than pouring multiple fizzy indigestion pills in the drain, preceded by a glass of concentrated vinegar, if you suspect the obstruction is soap, toothpaste, or razor debris. After ten minutes, add a pot of boiling water as a follow-up. This would work! 

Shower Cleaning Hacks

Shower Cleaning Hacks

9. Using Vinegar for Sparkling the Showerhead 

Lime scale can quickly clog shower heads and dull their surfaces, particularly in areas with hard water. One sign that this happens is when water doesn’t come out of each jet, emerges in an unusual direction, or if the shower has not been used for some time.

Place it in a bowl, dish, or plastic bag, and then cover it with concentrated vinegar. Bicarbonate of soda must also be added. After an hour, remove it, then turn on the shower. You will notice that the flow is back, and the showerhead is also shining!

10. Clean the Bathtub with a Broom

This creative bathtub cleaning tip can relieve pain in your back and knees. Use a brush with soft bristles to scour your bath instead of getting on your knees and hands.

Remove any soapy residue and mildew by pouring some cleaning liquid into your bathtub, dampening a broom, and then scrubbing. Rinse everything off, then ogle your sparkling bathtub.

With these hacks and tricks, you will be able to achieve a sparkling bathroom with just a little bit of effort. All of the hacks mentioned above are tried and tested by our team, so there’s no room for doubt. Plus, you can perform all these hacks from the ingredients that are probably already present in your kitchen. Isn’t that simply amazing? 

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