12 Awesome Toilet Cleaning Hacks That Will Give You Satisfaction

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Are you tired of traditional toilet cleaners in the market not giving satisfactory results? If so, it’s time to use some hacks to have clean and sparkling toilets. Trying out hacks is a very effective way and simultaneously inexpensive. Let’s take a look at the following Toilet Cleaning Hacks we recommend

Cleaning the toilet is necessary and unavoidable because it is prone to bacteria and stains. Ensure your toilets are clean, as they are a very delicate part of the house. There are numerous toilet cleaners available in the market, but the results, such as using coca-cola, vinegar, etc., give to another level. 

12 Best toilet cleaning hacks

Here are 12 awesome toilet cleaning hacks that will give you satisfaction. 

1. Coca-Cola for a sparkling white toilet 

When the thought of a clean and sparkling toilet comes to your mind, think of coca-cola. We know it’s crazy, but give it a try! Cleaning the toilets with coca-cola is one of the most effective hacks as it is supposed to dissolve rust rings, stains, and buildups. Coca-cola has a mild acidity, which makes it work like magic.

You only need a can of coca-cola and pour it around your toilet bowl’s rim, ensuring all the stains are evenly covered. Leave it for an hour. Now start scrubbing and have a sparkling white toilet like a new one. 

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

2. Scrubbing with pumice stone 

Pumice stone is very light and soft and has porous volcanic rock. Scrubbing the toilet with pumice stone gives a very satisfactory result. Wet the stone with warm water and start scrubbing. All the grime, mold, dirt, or stain will be removed. 

You only need to make sure to use it on porcelain toilets and not on fiber, plastic, or marble toilets. 

3. Spraying white vinegar 

Have you ever thought that white vinegar, a fantastic kitchen essential, can also be used as a toilet cleaning hack? No, right? Let us tell you how useful it is to spray white vinegar on your toilet. 

Fill a clean spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the toilet with it. Wait for some time, then take your toilet brush and start scrubbing. You will see the stains coming off, and your toilet will become as good as new. Ensure only to use whiter vinegar and not apple cider vinegar because apple cider vinegar will leave brown spots on the toilet. This idea is very effective among the Toilet Cleaning Hacks.

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

4. Homemade toilet bomb 

Toilet bombs absorb the odor and keep the toilet fresh with a sweet fragrance. Just in case you do not know how to make toilet bombs at home, we are here to guide you. 

You need one cup of baking soda, a quarter of citric acid, four drops of essential oils, and 2-3 drops of water. The first step is to mix your baking soda and citric acid in a bowl and add drops of essential oil, but one at a time. Sprinkle around ¼ teaspoon of water in the mixture and repeat this until the mixture comes out together. Pack the mixture into a mold and dry it for at least 12 hours. And now, it is ready to use!

Toss the toilet bomb in your toilet, and when it starts fizzling, start scrubbing with the brush and flush. 

5. Use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach 

Replacing the bleach with hydrogen peroxide would be the best thing you will do to your toilet to remove the stains. It is very affordable and does the right job. 

Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water and pour it on the targeted areas of your toilet. Please wait for it to settle and then scrub with your cleaning brush. The results will surely be pleasing and satisfactory. Excellent Toilet Cleaning Hacks

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

6. Baby oil to shine fixtures

Who doesn’t want their bathrooms to look clean and shiny? For this, baby oil does wonders. It is also used on fixtures like showerheads and faucets to make them look shinier. Put a little oil on a soft cloth and buff the fixtures. Your bathroom will look as new as before. 

7. Nail polish to prevent rust 

Rusting is common because of moisture exposure, and rusted toilet seats look very unpleasing. The best to prevent rusting is using nail polish. Yes, you heard it right! Nail polish is great for preventing rust. Apply it to the screws and bolts and allow it to dry completely. The nail polish will prevent rusting and tighten the screw to make it work longer. 

8. Bubble wraps to prevent toilet sweat 

Bubble wraps are used to pack fragile items, but no one has considered it a toilet cleaning hack. Bubble wraps are used to prevent toilet sweat by reducing condensation. 

Remove the lid of the tank and turn off the water supply. Empty the water from the tank by flushing all the water out. When it’s empty, line the entire tank with a layer of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap will keep the tank’s outside warm and prevent toilet sweat. 

9. Hot water for clogged toilets 

Hot water is perfect for clogged toilets. Ensure it’s “hot water,” not “boiling water.” Pour the water into any pot and warm it until it is hot enough. Now, pour it straight into your toilet, and your toilet will be clog free. 

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

Toilet Cleaning Hacks

10. Plastic bottle to save water 

Are you facing the issue of your toilet not saving water anymore? Use a plastic bottle hack to save water. Get a one-liter plastic bottle and fill its one inch with sand, the remaining with water. Place it inside the toilet tank. The plastic bottle will reduce the water that enters and exits the tank. The result will be less water for every flush.

11. Lemon juice to remove stain 

Yes, lemon juice, you have heard it right! Using lemon juice as a toilet cleaning hack works just like vinegar. Lemon juice helps in breaking down hard water stains from the toilet. 

Pour lemon juice into a bottle and spray directly on all the targeted areas. Leave it overnight, scrub your toilet with a brush the next morning, followed by a flush. 

12. Citrus air freshener 

There are different times when the smell from the toilet cannot be prevented, and no doubt, it isn’t enjoyable. Many air fresheners are available in the market, but the ones with citrus are perfect for beating the smell. 

If you cannot find the citrus air freshener, you can make your own. Take any citrus fruit of your choice, cut it, and place them on a paper towel until they are completely dried. Hang them up in your bathroom and enjoy your bathroom smelling fresh. 

Try out these amazing toilet cleaning hacks, and you will be truly astonished at the results! 


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