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Office cleaning and maintenance at X-ActCare. A clean office and work environment makes all the difference. No one likes to work at a dirty desk, an overflowing wastebasket is no longer of any use. However, regular office cleaning is not only very important for employee motivation. When you pay attention to cleanliness, customers, patients and visitors feel much more at ease, and you convey an impression of competence and respectability.

X-Act Care
At X-ActCare, we are a provider of office cleaning and maintenance services

Choose a reliable service provider

Anyone can clean, but in most cases for office cleaning and maintenance cleaning it is advisable to hire a professional service provider such as X-ActCare. 

Do you just do surface cleaning or do you clean the various materials and surfaces with the right cleaning products? Of course, you can simply buy new office equipment every year if you can afford it. However, it is more advantageous to opt for professional cleaning and maintenance. 

Experts in building cleaning services are fast, efficient and experienced. At X-ActCare we have been handling office cleaning, maintenance cleaning, glass cleaning and building cleaning for many years to satisfy customers every time. 

Our cleaning specialists do not overlook even the smallest speck of dust and, above all, we know where to look and where it likes to hide from the most stubborn dirt. When cleaning windows, we don’t forget about the seals and take care of the frame at the same time. Because windows are expensive and it is important to us to give our customers the best possible result.

At X-ActCare
At X-ActCare, we are a provider of office cleaning

Flexible office cleaning: according to your wishes

It is often advisable to have the office, practice or company rooms cleaned after working hours, when there is no more public traffic or the workplaces are no longer in use. 

At X-ActCare, as a provider of office cleaning and maintenance services, we offer the service exactly when you need it. In addition, you, as the client, can decide and specify exactly what needs to be cleaned and how often. 

Our service list for maintenance cleaning also provides an overview. You can flexibly book or cancel what is to be cleaned, how and when.

At X-ActCaree we are at your disposal

At X-ActCaree we are at your disposal

We are available with our services in Dallas, Texas. If you also value cleanliness and a pleasant working environment, visit our website, call us at 469-742-3993. We are available every business day Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 PM to 3:00 PM. You can email us at xactcare@gmail.com. We look forward to providing you with consistent, sparkling cleanliness. 


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