How to Become an Airbnb Cleaner?

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With more than 660,000 listings in the US,  provides a wide range of travelers with a more affordable option for booking a hotel. In 2020, there were over 193 million Airbnb bookings, per Capital Counselor. There is a growing industry for Airbnb cleaners because hosts may not always be capable of keeping these homes clean.


Considering how to work as an Airbnb cleaner but unsure where to start? Being an Airbnb housekeeper can be a fantastic career decision, whether it is your full-time position or a side gig to supplement your income. We have curated this guide for you to help get your cleaning profession off to a good start.


But what’s the difference between Airbnb cleaning and regular house cleaning? Let’s find out!




Difference between Airbnb Cleaning and Regular House Cleaning


Frequency of Cleaning

You’ll probably have to clean appliances like the coffee maker after each guest in an Airbnb. For sanitary reasons, it is therefore probable that you will need to wash the coffee maker every few days. In a conventional home, this will most likely only be carried out once a month.



Staging is another significant distinction between Airbnb and house cleaning. Your responsibility as an Airbnb cleaner is to prepare the house for incoming visitors. An Airbnb must appear pristine and brand new, unlike a domestic house where it would be perfectly acceptable to appear lived in.


Areas to Clean

Finally, there will be a few restricted locations when cleaning residential properties—for instance, the personal drawers of a homeowner. As an Airbnb housekeeper, you’ll probably search through every drawer to ensure no one left anything behind.


Becoming an Cleaner

Let’s examine the cleanliness requirements set forth by Airbnb and the obligations of vacation rental owners to uphold those standards. We will also look closely at how to promote your cleaning service to these owners of vacation rentals and how to get them to hire you again.


Standards for Airbnb Cleaning

All owners of holiday rentals must ensure that Airbnb’s five-step cleaning procedure is adhered to. 


The steps are mentioned as follows:

  1. Making the necessary preparations will guarantee that your cleaning crew works more productively and successfully.
  2. Cleaning all surfaces to get rid of dust, debris, and grime
  3. Use disinfectants approved by Airbnb to sanitize all surfaces and eliminate bacteria and germs.
  4. Check that you thoroughly cleaned the rental property using the Airbnb-provided custom checklist.
  5. Before changing anything in a room, ensure it is clean to avoid cross-contamination.


According to Airbnb, they just adopted a new criterion that each holiday rental owner must adhere to. 

  • Rental owners must ensure that only disinfectants that have been certified by regional regulatory bodies are used in their vacation rentals, starting with cleaning. 
  • Personal safety equipment like masks and gloves is essential for hosts and cleaning services to wear when cleaning. High-touch areas need to be regularly disinfected as well.

Moving on, here is a step-by-step guide on how to become an Airbnb cleaner:


Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Cleaner on Airbnb 


Make a Business Plan

Any effective business plan pays meticulous attention to every last detail. Other crucial elements that you must consider include your business name, potential logo, transportation, and supply needs.


Reviewing these specifics as soon as possible can be helpful as you create your cleaning business plan. You can ask yourself the following questions to design your strategy:

  • Do I wish to provide cleaning services both inside and outside?
  • Will I provide specialized services like carpet cleaning? Be as descriptive as possible to increase your chances of attracting more clients.
  • What kind of cleaning tools will I employ? (For example, green alternatives or different cleaning supplies)


Researching the prices and services provided by other vacation rental cleaners in your area can also be helpful. To estimate how much you should charge for your services, find out how much other housekeepers charge for various tasks. Pricing and your whole marketing plan will need to reflect any more specialist cleaning you opt to offer.




Don’t Be Hesitant to Promote Yourself

It’s time to get out there and start marketing your Airbnb cleaning service after you have the fundamentals down.

There are several ways to attract customers, including recommendations from friends and family, a blog, and a presence on social media. Once you have accomplished more jobs, try developing a website for your firm. 


This is a fantastic approach to raising your company’s profile and drawing in new customers. You can choose from various online businesses to make website templates quickly.


Finish Your Homework

Before taking on cleaning projects, verify your state’s standards to ensure your company can operate legally. Want your cleaning business to stand out from the competition? Think about getting a bond or liability coverage. These can be acquired for a reasonable cost and increase your company’s credibility.


To learn how to submit an insurance application for your company, consult the website of the department of commerce in your state. Your licenses and insurance documents can be simply printed from the website.


Improve Communication

You will need to speak with Airbnb hosts frequently as you complete more cleaning assignments and build expertise. Once you’ve determined the best way for you to communicate, be sure to remain consistent. It is quite helpful to use a platform that instantly sends project notifications to the host after you accept a project and finish the job. 


Benefits of Being 

  • As we’ve already mentioned, most cleaning jobs are only part-time. This implies that you can work on them between internships or while working a full-time job.
  • Hosts can sometimes be really fun, which means you might even be able to make new friends.
  • Being an Airbnb cleaner allows flexibility which means your schedule will entirely be under your control. 

If you think a career as an Airbnb cleaner may be the correct choice, take this guide to get started as a professional Airbnb cleaner!


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