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Organic cleaning, sometimes called green cleaning, is a modern approach to saving the world from global warming. With the increased deterioration of the ozone layer and the harmful effects it has on the world, more and more people are shifting to organic cleaning methods to play their role in preserving the environment. 

Organic cleaning involves ditching industrial solvents that contain a high quantity of chemicals and switching to safer and nature-friendly products. But, cleaning a space entirely with organic products is not everyone’s cup of tea which is why we are here to help you. You might not know how to clean bathrooms organically, but we do! 

At X-Act Care, we have a team of organic maids that specialize in cleaning your home or workplace with environment-friendly products. So if you need organic cleaning services, we are the ones you should come to! 


Organic Cleaning Services at X-Act Care

We have been providing our organic cleaning services for a long time, and the customers have always been satisfied. Of course, we use 100% organic products during this cleaning service, and the work speaks for itself. The organic cleaning service that we offer are as follows:  


Residential Services

The residential cleaning services are backed up with hand-made solutions, expert workers, and remarkable customer service. All the products that we use are organic and certified

That is why we strive to give you practical tips to perform routine cleaning with non-toxic products, for example: cleaning your oven, your air fryer, cleaning your bathroom, among other areas of your home. 


Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning is also known as a spring or initial cleaning. This is our most thorough cleaning option, and the customers love it. All the products we use to deep clean your house are made organically because keeping the environment safe is ours and your priority.  


organic cleaning 


Move Out Cleaners 

Are you moving out and want a deep cleaning done at your home to leave it sparkling for the new owners? You do not have to worry as long as we are here to help you. We not only deep clean the house but also make sure to use eco-friendly and safe products. We also entertain special demands, so if you have a cleaning requirement that is not part of what we do, let us know. We can get it done! 

organic cleaning


Office Cleaners 

We have a team of experts who deal with cleaning office spaces, medical offices, gyms, studio spaces, etc. if you are ever on a hunt for cleaning services, don’t hesitate to contact us.  


Disinfect Cleaning Services

Our disinfect cleaning service is a two-step process and is great for homes or workplaces. We use products that are hospital-graded and food-safe. Unfortunately, they are not organic, but we make sure to source them for the best combination of effective and healthy. 

Are you looking for eco-friendly cleaning services? If so, look no other way but X-Act Care. Get your home or workplace cleaned by us, and we promise to satisfy you. 



Products Used by Our Organic Maids

X-Act Care has always tried bringing the best quality products to clean your homes. After tons of research, we can finally offer natural, gluten-free, hand-made, organic, and non-toxic products, leaving your home fresh and clean. 

Our products are edible and safe for babies and pets, making us one of the best organic cleaning service providers. Our cleaning services are thorough, insured, detailed, and backed up by a 100% guarantee. 

Organic cleaning products are made from different ingredients that are: 

  • Lime an orange peel extract
  • Citrus juice 
  • Salt
  • Olive oil 
  • Coco oil 
  • Organic white vinegar
  • Citric acid 
  • Sodium bicarbonate 
  • Essential oils

We make all products from natural ingredients that are extremely safe for use, with zero side effects. Opting for our organic main cleaning service will surely not regret it and will come back. 


Benefits of Having an Organic Cleaning 

Organic products are a natural alternative to the harmful chemicals in traditional cleaning products. It is always advised to keep your life organic and stay away from inorganic things because of health benefits and a healthy environment. 

There are thousands of benefits of having an organic cleaning done. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below:  


Organic Cleaning Products are Readily Available

In recent years, eco-friendly products have grown in demand, which is why various organic options are available in the market now. Organic products do the same job as other cleaning products, but the best thing about them is that they cause no harm to humans and nature. 


Organic Cleaning is Eco-Friendly

When choosing eco-friendly products, you are choosing to protect the environment. The common chores of the house, like laundry or cleaning the dishes, can be done by replacing the cleaning products with organic ones. This will benefit the environment and is very good for your home’s atmosphere.  


Protects The Circulatory System

Chemical products penetrate the skin and slowly start damaging the circulatory system. What can be worse than this? The most important benefit of using organic products is protecting your circulatory system. Consider this a cue to shift to organic cleaning methods for your health, if not to save the environment! 



We have already discussed how chemicals in these industrial cleaning products harm the skin. In a world where pollution is at its peak, it is high time that we shift to organic cleaning products. 



Organic products are hypoallergic and extremely safe for people with severe allergies. People with sensitivities should always use organic products to reduce the risk of triggering allergies. 


No Animal Harms

Just as guarding the environment and human beings is important, taking care of animals is also very important. Chemical products are usually tested on animals, often resulting in losing their life. Using organic products will save animals’ lives and allow you to live guilt-free.  


Eliminate Indoor Pollution

Did you know indoor pollution is just as harmful as the other types of pollution in the environment? The major factor contributing to indoor pollution is the increased use of chemical products in our daily lives. Try buying organic products to keep the environment of your home clean and healthy. 

Since not everyone has the expertise in organically cleaning a place, we have covered you. X-Act Care has a team of organic maids that work tirelessly to ensure that your home or office is perfectly cleaned. 


Book an appointment for our organic cleaning service today to get served with the best organic maids we have on board. We will help you save time, clean your home, and live in a safer environment.


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