Tackling Move-Out Cleaning: The Dallas House Cleaning Guide 

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Tackling Move-Out Cleaning: The Dallas House Cleaning Guide 

There is no denying how stressful moving out is. It can be emotionally draining too. After all, you are bidding goodbye to a place you have called your home, even if it was for a while. It is not easy to pack up your entire stuff in cartons and suitcases. And don’t even get us started on the stress of moving out cleaning! It is undoubtedly the most hectic task of all.

We would hate for you to get so overloaded with work while you are already busy settling at a new place. So at X-Act Care, we offer the best move-out cleaning services in Dallas. As we know, deep cleaning in Dallas, especially during the summertime, is an experience you never wish to encounter!

You can save yourself a whole lot of time and effort by hiring us for your move out cleaning. Here is everything that you should know about what is included in this service:

What Do Cleaning Services Do For Move-Out?

Cleaning services deeply cleanse your old home and increase the likelihood of getting your deposit back if you move out from a rental property. We make sure that when you hand over the keys to your old place to the new owner, the property is spotless, so there is no room for any objections, and you leave delivering a good impression of yourself.

Just broom-cleaning the place is not enough for the new owners to be happy. You need to clean it deeply, so hiring move-out cleaning services is the best option for you. Let’s give you a sneak peek at everything that we do for move out cleaning:

  • Sweeping the Floors: We thoroughly vacuum and sweep the floors to ensure we get every last bit of dirt.
  • Wiping Baseboards: These are often neglected in routine cleaning, but we brush them thoroughly as a part of our move out cleaning service.
  • Scrubbing the Toilet and Bathtubs: The toilet and bathtubs tend to capture loads of dirt over time and can turn yellow. So, we deeply scour them to make them look as good as new.
  • Cleaning Countertops and Washbasins: The countertops often get greasy, so we thoroughly clean them along with the washbasin to clean your kitchen.
  • Dusting Everything: We finish off the job by wiping every surface with a clean piece of cloth to ensure we do not leave an inch of dust behind.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay Out for Move-Out Services?

We understand that moving out is not just stressful; it is quite expensive. So we know you need to consider your budget before hiring moving out cleaning services. Let’s help you estimate the move out cleaning cost for your place:

Of course, the rates vary from state to state! If typically talking about Dallas, the average cost for moving out cleaning can range from $350 to $400. But if you are moving out of an apartment, the rates are slightly lower. You can expect to pay any amount between $110 to $350.

Following are some factors that determine the cost of moving out cleaning service:

Size of the Home

The greater the area of your home, the greater the cost you will have to pay.

Level of Cleaning Needed

Some clients require more services than others. If you need to get more things done than mentioned in our checklist, you might be required to pay more.


Living in posh areas comes with its drawbacks too. If your area is considered noble, you would be paying more for move out cleaning services than a homeowner living in the mid of the city.

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Not sure where to start and what to include in your move out cleaning? We have created a checklist for all the chores that are a part of the move out cleaning:

  • Take out all the nails from the walls and patch holes if you can.
  • If you had painted your home a non-standardized color, it would be great if you could repaint the original color.
  • Clean the doors from both sides.
  • Thoroughly clean the ceiling fans.
  • Wipe all the mirrors and windows.
  • Clean the cabinets and cupboards.
  • Clean out the appliances to get rid of the grease.
  • Don’t forget the baseboards.
  • And – the toilets and the sink!
  • Throw away the trash.
  • Sweep the floors thoroughly.

What is the Difference between Deep Cleaning and Move-Out Cleaning?

Most clients cannot differentiate between deep cleaning and move out cleaning, and hence this is one of the most frequently asked questions that we address every other day. Listed below are some key differences between deep cleaning and move out cleaning that you should be aware of:

Deep cleaning consists of the chores you do not usually include in your regular cleaning, such as dusting the spider webs. While that is also true for move out cleaning, it also involves cleaning appliances, repairing the holes in the walls, and many other jobs that help turn your place back to the way it previously was.

Deep cleaning is done while you are still living on the property. This means you do not have to move around the furniture and stuff. In case of move out cleaning, the house is entirely vacant, and every corner of the house is thoroughly cleaned.

And lastly, move out cleaning is more time taking. Some people misperceive it to be easier than deep cleaning since you have to sweep across an empty house, but as all the dirt and grime is exposed once the furniture is gone, it takes more time to get the job done.

Get in Touch

We hope this article helped you realize the significance of hiring a professional for move-out cleaning. And who’s better for the job than X-Act Care Cleaning Services? We provide our excellent cleaning services all across Dallas, so if you reside there, it is time to stop searching for move out house cleaning services near me. Contact us right away and get an appointment booked now!


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