Know how to keep your home clean when you have pets

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Know how to keep your home clean when you have pets

Pet lovers know how difficult it is to deal with our four-legged friends’ hair, especially during shedding season. This and some inconvenient scents, mischief and more, leave a bit of a mess. That’s when we wonder how to keep the clean house ?

Obviously, none of these mishaps are as big as our love for this furry family member. For that very reason, what we want most is to find a practical solution that will help us have the home we deserve, clean, sparkling, bacteria free and ready to enjoy together.

Many times we will find ourselves wishing we had a little extra help. So while we take care of the day-to-day maintenance, someone else can take the reins of the deep cleaning. For this, a good tip we can give you is to look for a good professional company, such as X-Act Care, and for the day to day, here are some tips.

Carpets require special attention

Clean house with impeccable carpets: One of the places where hair and odors accumulate the most is in carpets. To keep your home clean, even with your beloved pets, the best recommendation is to pay special attention to the care of these rugs.

For starters, the ideal is to vacuum at least every other day. This way you take care of the hair, dust and any other dirt that your friend brings from his walks. Then, give the carpet a deeper cleaning every two weeks. A brushing with neutral soap or vinegar should help.

Pet litters

Clean house without bacteria: Another place where dirt concentrates is in pet beds. Nowadays there are very comfortable, beautiful and antibacterial models. The same goes for play furniture for cats. 

This can help you control odor, but you still need to take care of hair and dirt. Cleaning them every other day with a vacuum or lint roller is an excellent idea. The same is true if you let them climb on the furniture. In either case, remember to deep clean once a fortnight.

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Apple cider vinegar for a clean house

Germ-free clean house: Apple cider vinegar is an excellent natural disinfectant and a powerful ally to keep your house clean and free of bad odors. To apply it on your pet, just mix a cup in the shampoo you use to bathe him, you will see that besides leaving him fresh and clean, his coat takes a spectacular shine.

For furniture, floors and wooden surfaces it is wonderful. Apply a capful of apple cider vinegar in the mop bucket, in the washing machine, wherever you want. Bad smells go away, everything is shiny and yes, the scent of vinegar also dissipates completely. 

Ventilation when cleaning and on a daily basis

Clean house in harmony: While cleaning, open the windows and let fresh air circulate. This will help clear the house of unwanted odors and you will feel that even your energy is lightened. Of course, it is not enough to do this once a fortnight. 

Opening the windows every day so that the air is renewed and refreshed is perfect. You only have to do it for a few minutes a day and it will be more than enough. We recommend doing two shifts, one in the morning and one at the end of the day. You will notice the difference.

consejos de limpieza para la cocina

Candles and natural fragrances

Clean the secured house with this procedure: Although it is true that the market is full of products with aromatizers, the ideal to keep the house with a subtle and delicious perfume, is a regular cleaning. Especially, with that deep step twice a month.

If you keep this routine, you will need nothing more than some scented candles, incense and natural fragrances, which are also delicious. In fact, there are scented candles specially designed for the scent of pets.  

Baking soda, a great ally

Clean house with good odors: Another powerful ally to fight bad odors is baking soda, and using it is very simple. Just sprinkle a little on the furniture, beds and spaces where your pet usually lies down. You will do this at night, to remove it in the morning. Ready! The unwanted aromas are gone and the smile of your furry companion says good morning as always.


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