7 Baseboards Cleaning Hacks: Tips and Tricks

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7 Baseboards Cleaning Hacks: Tips and Tricks

Baseboards are an essential part of the house, and if they don’t look clean, the home’s whole aesthetic could be ruined. Cleaning the baseboards is undoubtedly dull because who wants to get down on their knees to scrub them by hand? But dirty baseboards add a very unpleasant look to the house, and no one likes living or visiting a bad-looking home. 

To make the job easier, we are here to guide you with seven amazing cleaning hacks you can use to clean your baseboards. 

Useful Baseboards Cleaning Hacks

1. Use Dryer Sheets  

Coating the baseboard with a dryer sheet is the cleverest hack one can use because of its effectiveness. Remove dirt from the baseboards by rubbing them with a dryer sheet to keep them clean. 

baseboard cleaning tips

Dryer sheets not only attract dust but also prevent your baseboards from dust settling in because of their anti-static properties. If you want quick and effective results, attach the dryer sheets to the Swiffer mop or any other cleaning tool before you start cleaning your baseboard. 

Use this hack, and we can assure your next cleaning session will be postponed for more days. You can find dryer sheets here.

2. Use Cotton Swab For Hard-to-clean Areas

The baseboard corners’ dirt traps are hard to clean and take hours. But gone are the days when you have to suffer because we are here to tell the most effective hack, which is using a cotton swab for areas that are hard to clean. 

baseboard cleaning tips

Cotton swabs are small and very good at picking up a speck of dirt and moisture. Just take a cotton swab, dip it in any cleaning solution and start putting it into the corners until the dirt is completely removed. Cotton swabs are excellent for cleaning notches and crannies, so if you struggle cleaning them, try this hack and enjoy clean corners. 

3. Use Melamine Sponge for Stubborn Stains

It is excellent if you have got any magic eraser for your home’s cleaning purposes. A magic eraser is a sponge made of melamine sponge. They are porous and abrasive, so they are exceptional at picking up stains. 

baseboard cleaning tips

The best thing about a melamine sponge is that it does the right job and does not need chemical solutions but only water. You can also use hot water with vinegar if you have stubborn stains on your baseboard. Be careful while using it, and do not be harsh with cleaning because you might take the shine away from the baseboards. 

4. Use a Duster with An Extension Pole 

No one likes to get on their knees and hurt their back while cleaning, especially if you are not very young. Using a duster with an extensive pole is the best way to clean and, simultaneously, feel not physically tiring. 

baseboard cleaning tips

Add an extensive pole duster to your regular cleaning routine, which will do the trick. You can also use a vacuum cleaning brush attachment to remove the dust faster and efficiently. 

We believe that cleaning is a very therapeutic activity, and it is not a great sign if it gives you a hard time physically. Always look up hacks. We can ensure that using a duster with an extensive pole will make your life easier. 

5. Use a Sock 

Yes, a sock! You heard it right. No one would have ever thought that sock can also be used as a baseboard cleaning hack, but we are here to tell you all the unusual yet effective ways of cleaning. Please stick with us and unwrap some unique hacks. 

baseboard cleaning tips

If, for whatever reason, you do not have any cleaning tools or supplies, you can always rely on a sock. To make it more convenient and practical, try putting a sock on a new toilet brush or a disposable toilet wand to give yourself a bit more reach. 

All you have to do is, spray the sock with your favorite cleaning solution and wipe away. It is effortless to use and effective. We know cleaning your baseboards is a bit unconventional, but give it a try because we are 100% sure it works well. 

6. Use Cleaning Wipes

If you are short on time and have a minimal area to clean, using cleaning wipes is the best hack you can use. Cleaning wipes are effective at picking up dirt and are incredibly feasible to use; no amount of extra cleaning solution is required. 

Although it is a bit of a wasteful hack because cleaning wipes are of only one-time use, as we have mentioned earlier, you can use them if you are short on time. There is no harm in using hacks occasionally. 

Try using cleaning wipes on your baseboards; you will see how new and new they look. 

7. Dust Regularly 

Out of all the cleaning hacks, the most important is dusting your baseboards regularly. If you are about to go on a deep clean run, then do not forget to remove the loose dust from your baseboards first. 

7 Baseboards Cleaning Hacks

Skipping the dust may feel like a time-saving or unimportant part, but trust us, the process could become messier if you do not remove the loose dust. Moreover, if you want your baseboards to look clean, and at the same time you do not have time to deep clean often, the easiest thing you can do is dust them regularly. 

Try dusting them often, and you will feel the difference yourself! Dirty-looking baseboards do not look good and give a much-unorganized impression. Try cleaning them regularly because they play a massive part in your home aesthetics. 

Trust us; your home will look beautiful if you take care of more minor things like baseboards. Cleaning is a lot more than just removing dust and dirt. It is a very time taking chore and gives a hard time physically. It is always a good idea to go for hacks to save time and energy. 

Try using our hacks to clean baseboards, and enjoy a fresh and clean-looking home. 

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